Considering Adoption

If you are thinking about adoption or if you are interested in a child featured on Wednesday's Child or on our website, please call 801-265-0444 or email us. We can provide you with basic information about the steps to adoption, how to select an adoption agency to obtain a home study, and available financial incentives (tax credits and adoption subsidies).

Utah’s Adoption Connection knows the joys and the difficulties of adoptive parenting and wants you to be able to make an informed decision. It is important that prospective families learn from the start as much as possible about parenting children with special needs. The Adoption Exchange offers our experience and expertise as you begin this exciting journey that will impact the life of a waiting child forever. Request a general adoption information packet.

Comparison of private agency, public agency and international adoption agencies.

When you are considering adoption, the wide variety of options can seem overwhelming. You will have numerous choices to make, so information is the key ingredient.

As you think about special-needs adoption, here are some of the questions you’ll want to consider.

Myths and Facts about adoption. From "I’ve heard it costs a lot of money to adopt. Is this true?" to "If I foster a child, I’ve heard that it takes years before I can adopt them. Is this true?"

Frequently asked questions and answers including "What are the requirements for adoptive families?" and "What is the process for becoming a Resource Family for the State of Utah?"

Home study process and options for obtaining a home study.

To begin the process of becoming eligible to adopt from foster care in the state of Utah, there are a series of necessary steps to complete. 

Terms related to child welfare and the adoption process.

Helpful links to online resources about adoption, foster to adopt and more.