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We Connect Utah's Children to Their Waiting Families

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Meet John, who goes by "JD!" Participating in physical activities is sure to bring joy to this active child, who is fond of trying his hand at challenging obstacle courses. In his free time, JD can be found building impressive creations with his LEGOs or playing a game of Minecraft on his Xbox. When

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Lending Library
Parenting is a challenging task under the best of circumstances. Parenting children who have experienced trauma requires additional skills. The lending library was created to deliver information and knowledge to parents and professionals who work with children who have challenges.

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2019 February

  • Utah's Adoption Connection Website
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze ...or Fib? By Monica Hassall and Barbara Hunter
  • Claiming the Federal Adoption Tax Credit for Adoption Finalized from 2012-2018
  • A Parent's Guide to Screen Time
  • Benefits of Adopting Older Youth from Foster Care
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We know the joys and the challenges of adoptive parenting and want you to make an informed decision.

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The ADHD-Depression Connection in Adults: Understanding the Link, Distinct Symptoms, and First-Line Treatments

Every adult with ADHD should take note of these statistics: Thirty percent of individuals with ADHD have had a depressive episode, and their risk of developing depression is four times...

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A traveling exhibit created to find loving families for our community's often forgotten children.

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