Steps to Foster Care Adoption

Attend Training/Classes-36 hours total per potential parent

This required training is provided by Utah Foster Care. Please contact them at 877-505-5437 to learn about class schedules and locations. You can also find more information on the foundation at There is no cost for this class.

Get BCI clearance (background check)

The fees for this background check will be reimbursed by the state at the time of finalization.

Complete the home study process

The application for this process is provided by Utah Foster Care at the completion of your training and is completed through the Department of Licensing. There is no cost for a home study completed through the DOL. More information is provided here regarding the completion of a home study through the Children’s Service Society.

Home study approval through DCFS

Once your home study is completed, it is taken to a committee at the Division of Child & Family Services to be reviewed and approved. Utah Foster Care will help guide you in this process.

Search for a child

Once your homestudy has been approved, you may make inquiries on the children listed with The Adoption Exchange and be contacted by caseworkers who have more information regarding those children. If an inquiry is made prior to the previous steps, caseworkers are not able to provide further information on any child.


If your family is matched with a child, the placement process can begin. There is an initial transition period, which is different according to each case. This is followed by at least 6 months of the child living in the home before finalization can occur.


The legal fees incurred at the time of finalization will be reimbursed by the state for up to $2,000.00 per child.