Home Study Process

The Home Study Process

Options for Obtaining a Home Study

If you are in the state of Utah but will potentially be adopting outside of the state of Utah, please contact the contracted agency listed below to have your home study completed. The state of Utah will only accept a home study completed through the Department of Licensing or through the Children’s Service Society of Utah in order to adopt children in Utah’s foster care system.

Children’s Service Society of Utah                                          
655 East 4500 South
Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
(801) 355-7444

If you already have a completed home study through a separate agency, please contact the Children’s Service Society of Utah in order to have an addendum completed, as per the legal requirements.

The Adoption Exchange is not an adoption agency, does not have custody of the children, does not do family assessments (home studies) for families, and does not make placement decisions.